My name is Shylo Bijold

I am a Fighter a Comeback Queen and a Rebel!

I would say I have done well in the network marketing industry and Digital selling space. We built an amazing team culture community and created a life of freedom.

But the fact is, I haven’t always been on top. I had to fight my way there.

Throw me to the wolves I’ll come back leading the pack!

I know how hard life can hit and how amazing the journey is. I started from humble beginnings to a now multi-million-dollar business, a rapidly growing brand and public speaker. I am a busy mom of 3 beautiful children and our growing family of pets. We run a funny farm and sometimes a shit-show, but we make it work! I love to say fail forward, do it often and “eat the cake”. Life is all about lessons growth and evolving. I have been anywhere from homeless to speaking on stages of thousands. As Prince says, ” we are just trying to get through this thing called Life” Yes! I am here to share what I have taken and overcome for my listeners and followers. Let’s have real conversations with real people without the filter B.S. and put some life and laughs in it.

I am a little Grit a lot of Grace and ready to speak my truth.

Overwhelmed, overworked, and exhausted were all so normal to me – until they weren’t. Sound familiar! Let’s change it NOW!

I am passionate about people and their success. My ultimate goal is to help women find their voice and create 1 million thousand-airs.

If you want to do more and be more go higher and break that glass ceiling, we are doing a private group for exactly that! Click the button below and let’s change this industry together. Eat the cake, wear the dress, take the pic, and live your damn life.

With so much love,

Shylo 💋